June 30, 2006

As you probably do or do not know, I work in the insurance industry, I have only been working in it for 3 years and with most jobs it has its ups and downs.

That’s as much I would like to mention about my JOB, otherwise this post will get freaking boring.

The question I would like to ask is: why do we need to work? obviously we all know the answer to this one; in order to support ourselves to live in a largely consumer driven world etc… please leave a comment?



  1. Why do you need to work? So you can spend all your money on me of course…heehee

  2. I struggle with unanswerable questions. I prefer to look at them from a different angle. Why was that question asked? (Rhetorical question by the way) Probably because the person asking it has become disillusioned with the monotonous journey that life is. Probably because the majority of that journey is work.

    But having said all that, I believe we are like most living things on this planet. We are not content unless we have to work for our reward. Like an animal hunting to survive or a male bird building a fancy nest to get the best female bird. The only exceptions are Cats. But even they have to “Meow” all day in their struggle for a daily feed.

    The only way out is winning the lottery (www.national-lottery.co.uk). Would you then be content with everything you have ever wanted and no work? Or would you be pushed into suicide when a girl stitches you up for your money when you thought she actually loved you?

    My point is that with the luxury of no work, you will encounter other unpleasantries. Working seems insignificant in that respect.

  3. post more stuff!

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